How to choose the best Urologist in San Miguel de Allende

Going to see a doctor without knowing him or her or having to change your regular doctor, is usually a difficult decision for many people and even worse when suffering from any infection or condition in the urinary tract or reproductive organs, since that issue alone also usually causes embarrassment or shame.

That is why we will always look for the best of the medical specialists and in this case, we will be talking about urologists, since they are the specialists to treat and attend cases related to the urinary and reproductive organs and whose purpose is to preserve the health in these important areas and that sometimes are very difficult to treat.

often depend on their stability to have a great quality of life, because if they are not treated in time, the disorders that are generated in these organs can be serious.

Nowadays we can find many specialist urologists, however, choosing the right one is a very important choice for the patient, since there will have to be a lot of confidence in him or her to be able to talk without embarrassment about the problems that concern him or her; for this reason in the following article we will give you some tips that will help you choose the best urologist.


On the Internet we can find several specialists who are located in the area where we live, since this is essential to be able to attend a consultation on time, without pretexts or major setbacks.

But within this choice there are still other factors to consider in order to choose the best one:

-The reviews found in health directories:
Nowadays there are directories that have a list of specialists and in which we can clearly see what opinions or qualifications this specialist has, an example of this is Doctoralia, which offers us extensive curricular information of the doctor in question, but even more important, are the testimonials of other patients, as these testimonials, They allow us to obtain a recommendation, which comes directly from REAL PATIENTS, allowing us to know several aspects, such as the treatment and human attention given to patients and on the other hand allows us to know the results obtained by other patients, so it is a means of information, very valuable in the search for a doctor who will attend us.

– Website of the selected doctor:

The next point to consider is to check if this specialist has his own site in which he explains the conditions, procedures he treats and which in turn provides us with the way to contact him or directly schedule an appointment with him.

-Review your social networks
In their social networks, the most reliable specialists, seek to inform their patients about the different health issues related to their area of specialty, publishing articles, uploading pictures of their treatments or simply giving information about their area of specialty, also in social networks we can also see comments from people who have already gone to this specialist.


Often, friends and family members are also great reliable sources for recommending a specialist, especially if they have already attended check-ups and treatments personally; although it can often be difficult to ask an acquaintance since this would imply talking a little about the conditions you have, this option could also be one of the best alternatives for choosing a doctor you trust.


Although we can find great surgeons who have been surgeons since they left the faculty, the truth is that experience is a very important quality to take into account when choosing the best urologist.

As an experienced urologist and surgeon, he will not only know how to act during an operation, but will also know how to deal with the different circumstances that may arise in the operating room.


Science is constantly evolving, especially in the medical field.

Every day data, studies and often new techniques come to light, in order to treat the body in some simpler or less invasive ways, which could also be key to know when making the decision to choose the best specialist.

All this is speaking in the professional field, but once the first appointment has been arranged, there will be other aspects of a more personal nature that will also influence this selection, for example:


In general, the fact that a doctor is in constant contact with patients may generate a certain empathy with them. This is a fundamental quality after the first contact for patients to feel safe. It is often expected that, in addition, the surgeon be sympathetic, but this quality is not, in fact, necessary.


Faced with a situation of illness, often, as a patient you may also be concerned about things around you and if the specialist you are seeing does not generate a feeling of trust, it could add more stress to the situation, generating greater conflict, sometimes resulting in treatments that are not 100% successful.


This point often goes hand in hand with trust, because even though the patient does not need to know all the details of a surgical intervention, if you ask your urologist surgeon, he/she must be able to simplify the terminology and explain to you the procedures and techniques that will be applied. In addition, he/she should be able to express to you the risks that you assume, as well as the probabilities that such cases may occur, and you should be in full understanding of this.

Finally, as we have seen, before visiting a urologist for the first time there are usually many doubts, and even fear of clinical examinations, which is why being prepared for the consultation can be a way to feel less nervous and fear of visiting the specialist.