Urinary Incontinences

Urinary incontinences is the loss of bladder control or the inability to control the sensation of urinating, this loss of bladder control is a problem that usually causes embarrassment.  It can be a common condition and can be anything from a minor problem to something that greatly affects lifestyle and self-esteem.

Also, although it occurs more frequently as people age, urinary incontinence is not an inevitable consequence of aging.  If urinary incontinence affects your daily activities, don’t hesitate to see your doctor.

Since simple changes in lifestyle, diet, or medical care can treat the symptoms or urinary incontinence for most people, the condition will improve with proper treatment.

The most frequent cases or urinary incontinence occur in:

-Women after going through pregnancy, childbirth or menopause.

-Older adults since as you age, the muscles of the urinary tract weaken, making it difficult to hold urine.

-Men with prostate problems

-People who are addicted to tobacco

-People with a birth defect that affects the structure of the urinary tract.

On the other hand, treatments for urinary incontinence will depend or the type and what is causing it.

A combination of various self-care treatments may be needed, including:

Lifestyle changes to reduce leaks

Drink the right amount of water

Have constant physical activity

Keep a healthy weight

Avoid constipation

No smoking

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Urinary incontinence is a pathology that can affect both men and women and although it is closely related to age, it can also be treated in time if the following symptoms are experienced:

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Urinary Incontinences
Urinary Incontinences
Urinary Incontinences
Urinary Incontinences

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