Reversible Vasectomy

Reversible vasectomy or vasovasostomy is a surgery that is used to try to restore the man´s fertility, so that he can once again fulfill his dream of being a father.

Even though many men use vasectomy as a definitive means of contraception, there is a percentage of patients who regret their decision.

Fortunately, vasectomy is a procedure that can be undone so that patients who have undergone it can have children, that is, vasectomy can be reversible.


But to define whether the vasectomy is reversible or not and what percentage there is of conceiving or that these are high, it is very important to consider at least three elements:

First, it must have been less than ten years since the vasectomy was performed, since after this period of time, the chances decrees considerably.

The couple´s fertility
After the age of 35, it is very complex for a woman to get pregnant from a man who reversed a vasectomy.

General medical
Review of both parties is necessary if they have any other type of problem that could favor infertility

If all these requirements are met, there is about a 65 to 70% chance that this man will able to have children two years after the reverse vasectomy, explains the specialist.

Unlike vasectomy, reversible vasectomy surgery is longer and more complex.

All this because the andrologist has to carry out a microsurgery, in which, through a microscope, he looks for the vas deferend that were cut.

And once they are found, they must begin to join them with suture materials so small that they are almost invisible without a microscope, which takes the specialist about an hour in the ward.

This procedure is a little more complex than the first surgery and in a month the sperm come out again with the semen.

Complications of Reversible Vasectomy

La reversión de vasectomía pocas veces lleva a complicaciones graves. Algunos de los riesgos son:

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Reversible Vasectomy
Reversible Vasectomy
Reversible Vasectomy
Reversible Vasectomy

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