Dr. Moisés Vidal

Hi, I’m Dr. Moisés Vidal, a urologist surgeon certified by the Mexican College of Urology.

I studied general medicine at the University of Guadalajara, specialized in general surgery with training in abdominal trauma surgery at the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara Fray Antonio Mayor, later the subspecialty of urology at the Western General Hospital where I gained experience in Endourology , oncological urology and minimally invasive surgery.

I am committed to providing you with the best care in your urological consultation, offering you the best diagnostic studies and medical or surgical treatments to help you regain your health.

  • Médico cirujano y partero, UdeG, 2009
  • Cirugía general, HCFAA, 2013
  • Urología, HGO, 2015



Quick Profile

Name:                                                   Dr. Moisés Vidal

Address: Office 124, Hall A

Salamanca Guanajuato Phone:

464 116 2012
San Miguel de Allende Phone:

415 111 6819
Speciality:             Minimally Invasive Surgery

Category: Urology