Penis Prosthesis

Men with erectil dysfunction problems that do not respond well to medications or intracavernous injections have the excellent option of being treated with a penis prothesis.

The penis prothesis is a definitive solution for erectile dysfunction.

It is a mechanical device made up of cylinders that are biologically compatible with the body and especially with the penis, allowing an erection to be achieved even in patients suffering from severe erectile dysfunction.

These cylinders replace through surgery the interior of the cavernous bodies of the penis, through which the erection is achieved naturally thanks to the concentration of blood inside.

This prosthesis allows the penis to be flaccid or erect according to the will of the patient, The cylinders are connected to a small pump that sits between the testicles. Through a simple manipulation bases on the palpitation of the pump, the erection is activated and disactivated.

There are two types of penises prothesis:

Malleable (or non-hydraulic) prostheses:
They are formed by two cylinders that are placed in the corpus cavernosum. 

These implants make the penis permanently partially rigid.

Hydraulic protheses:
They are made up of two cylinders (as in the case of malleable protheses), a reservoir inserted behind the pubis and a pump implanted in the scrotal sac; all of this is connected through tubes that are used for the passage od physiological serum.

The patient can cause an erection by pressing a simple button on the pump; in this way, the hydraulic system is started and the liquid moves from the reservoir to the cylinders inside the penis, causing it to harden.

The advantages of Pines Prostheses are:

The Penile Prosthesis can bring benefits to your life that are essential for happiness and self-esteem. See some of them below :

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Pines Prostheses
Pines Prostheses
Pines Prostheses
Pines Prostheses

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