Phimosis is a narrowing of the skin that surrounds the glans or head of the penis This anomaly is common in newborns, since most of them are born with phimosis, also known as balano – preputial adhesions. 

In this process, special care is recommended with hygiene and that the skin of the penis be gently retracted.

Never jerk, since it can cause pain and permanent scars.

The most recommended in children under 3 years of age is to wash the penis with soap and water, and not carry out forced maneuvers to try to lower the skin.

If despite this , phimosis persists, treatment with some creams or even circumsicion may be required.

Laser circumcision is an excellent and innovative technique to treat phimosis with excellent aesthetic results, with a faster recovery as well as less pain and sacredness.

There are two types of phimosis

Primary or physiological phimosis:
They are the adhesions between the skin and the glans formed during pregnancy. 

These adhesions are eliminated spontaneously with gentle and intermittent retraction of the foreskin and with erections, so physiological phimosis resolves at maximum age of 3 years and if it does not cause fungal or urinary tract infections.

Secondary phimosis:
It usually arises due to the healing of micro tears od injuries that occur in the foreskin orifice due to poor hygiene or excessive retractions made when trying to open the orifice or for cleaning.


Symptoms and Diagnosis

In some men, phimosis does not produce special symptoms or discomforts and they can live with it for even years but in other cases the following alterations or discomforts can occur:

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