Most men care about improving their own pleasure and satisfaction, as well as that of their partner, during sex, which is why they are increasingly aware of finding new techniques, treatments or ideas to achieve this.

Without thinking that the first step is to have a good health in general, but mainly of the reproductive organs, for which it is of vital importance to go periodically to the urologist, since these visits can help prevent, detect or treat any situation in time.

Many men feel fear and discomfort in these consultations, since they do not have it as a normalized habit, as well as women, who go at least once a year to their gynecological appointment; that is why, we must be aware that visits to the urologist are more necessary than you think, if you want to prevent, or avoid aggravating, some major health problems.

On the other hand, it is necessary to eliminate the belief that the digital rectal examination that is done in the revisions is painful, annoying or uncomfortable, perhaps it can be, but it is a procedure that takes very little time and is necessary for a good medical evaluation.

However, regular visits to the urologist are one of the most important measures to prevent problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, but also diseases such as prostate cancer, the latter being one of the diseases with the highest incidence in recent years.

Once you have gone to the urologist and after some questions about your lifestyle, i.e. your diet, if you are a smoker, if you drink alcohol, your stress levels, the physical activity you do, the type of urination you have and its frequency or if there are problems in sexual relations, the specialist proceeds to perform a physical examination by touching the abdomen, observing the genitals, and performing a rectal examination.

On the other hand, he/she may also perform various tests to check hormone levels and other important parameters, such as cholesterol, glucose, and transaminase levels, among others.

Finally, and after making the visit to the urologist and checking that everything is fine, healthily speaking with your sexual organs, you could follow a series of recommendations that we bring you below to improve your sexual performance:


Sexual foreplay is often especially important for women, as 36.6% of women say that clitoral stimulation is essential for orgasm during intercourse.

Making foreplay last longer can enhance the sexual experience for both partners. This includes caressing, kissing and oral sex. Contrary to this reality, most men believe that penetration is the most important thing, even that it is what defines the sexual act.

But, on the contrary, many men who have suffered from erectile dysfunction have been motivated to learn new strategies that work better for their partner, without the need for an erection.


Do not wait to go to bed at night and be in bed to maintain a good sex life, because it not only takes away spontaneity, but the fatigue accumulated during the day can make the moment less likely or satisfactory, since many times you will only seek to comply and finish as quickly as possible to go to rest.

Instead, look for the diversity of moments in which to make love, relive first dates or any other initiative that generates sexual tension.


If you have been with one partner for a long time, sex may start to feel routine, and it can be difficult to feel aroused, stay focused or satisfy your partner.

In this case, it would be helpful to try a new sexual activity, a new position, a new place, and why not, if you both agree, try to indulge your sexual fantasies. Also, it can help to do something new with your partner outside the bedroom to strengthen that connection and ignite the spark to feel more connected.


In addition to the fact that fatty products will make you gain weight, they could cause cardiovascular problems, which will alter the functioning of the heart and circulation.

And all this together, will cause your physical and sexual condition to be greatly impaired, which is why it is recommended to lead a life as healthy as possible and more so as you get older.


Contrary to popular belief, anxiety and stress can prevent or interrupt an erection.

If a man is overly anxious about how he will perform sexually, he may become less excited about sex and less engaged during sex.


Smoking, besides being very bad for general health, could also cause problems in sexual performance, since it causes high blood pressure and other related heart problems, resulting in erectile problems.


Frequent exercise, in addition to improving mental health, can reduce anxiety. Moreover, being physically active can reduce risk factors for heart conditions and improve sexual function as well as overall health.

It is very important to know that high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes can damage nerves and alter the amount of blood flowing to the penis, making it more difficult to have or maintain erections.


Being able to talk freely with your partner can significantly improve sexual experiences, especially if sexual problems have created tension or concern in the relationship. It is very important to work together on a solution so that you both feel comfortable and this, in turn, makes the sexual experience truly pleasurable, facilitating erection and orgasm.

Sometimes a Sex-Coaching session can help you to address relationship problems more openly.


Men looking to last longer during intercourse have found that trying the start and stop technique can help them with premature ejaculation problems.

This technique basically consists of stopping sexual activity whenever ejaculation is imminent. To do this, you should take a deep breath and slowly start again, then stop, delaying ejaculation as long as you wish.

It is very important to know that high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes can damage the nerves and alter the amount of blood flowing to the penis, making it more difficult to have or maintain erections.


Many times the biggest problem of erectile dysfunction is simply the stress and worry just waiting to be the best sexually, since all that pressure is often what makes you ejaculate prematurely or just not have an erection and especially that the partner does not enjoy the relationship.

That is why the best advice is to relax, feel and enjoy the moment, as well as yourself and your partner, there is no better advice than to feel good to make the other feel.